Jennifer Webster Painting


Jennifer Webster is an artist beloved by designers, art collectors, and homeowners in Chicago and beyond.  This local painter is living out a profound truth, doing what makes her come alive and storytelling through art.  Webster’s work is always rooted in a deeply creative context, telling a narrative about finding meaning and making connection.  Her artwork seamlessly integrates and elevates any space.


Webster will never forget how difficult it was to make the risky shift to pursue her dream career of being a full-time painter, and stop playing it safe.

“I was making rather large work even [in the early years], not caring if it was completely unrealistic to make and sell large paintings.  Better to make small pieces, I was told.  Yet I made them large because I HAD to make them.  I felt better when I painted large!  I was happy, felt complete, I felt like myself!”

She tries to recognize when that way of living in fear shows up in various ways of life.  Don’t we all come up against this same test over and over again?  Webster is a true example of what can happen when we break down these barriers.



Artistic influences root from literature, music, films and immediate external environments, which may include interiors as well as nature.   Elements of the natural as well as the human-built world serve as inspiration.  Often an idea springs forth initially from a line in a movie, a book, or a song and that word spurs visual ideas that Webster then explores in her painting.  She also dives into the language of spaces and how they create meaning.  Every piece of art tells a story.

The Night Vision collection is a response to external environments.  They are landscapes, devoid of human figure and explore a conflation of experiences.  These speak to having one’s own internal landscape, despite an obvious environment around you that is different.

night visions lg

2night visions

The Spells collection is comprised of daily paintings that empower taking action, exploration and not worrying about the “big picture”.  These works are full of certainty and drive out hesitancy.

spells1 (2) lg


Spells series

There is magic in the mundane, the everyday, in the experience of being human.  “Painting is a constant back and forth between assertion and surrender. Interestingly, though, that is the only way MAGIC can happen – when I give up forcing what I may have seen, or wanted to see, from the start, down to the detail, and let the painting come through, showing me what it needs to be.”  Her paintings are true masterpieces and surely reflect this magic.

Local interior designers have placed Webster’s artwork in countless residences. Below are just a few ways her collections have been incorporated into recent design projects.



Three 50 West, retail arm of Fredman Design Group, also carries numerous pieces, including the large-scale abstract beauty below.  Jennifer Webster will be showcasing some of her most recent paintings at the 23rd annual Art Attack in Harbor Country, Michigan the weekend of April 29 – May1st. Learn more about the event here:

Painting is a constant back and forth between assertion and surrender. Interestingly, though, that is the only_Amuse by Jennifer Webster_40x50

“The more I stuck to feeding myself with what supported my dream rather than what would kill it, my life kept expanding, drawing all those to me whom I treasure for assisting me and supporting me and my dream life-come-true.”  The images Webster paints are a true reflection of how she sees things.  Her paintings are ethereal and misty, sparkly and definite all at once.  We feel honored to carry Jennifer Webster’s works of art that help remind us of all the magic in everyday life.










Sapere Atelier’s Global View

sapere collage

The next installment of The Artisan Experience highlights Sapere Atelier, a tastemaker’s studio exclusive to Three 50 West. Lead Interior Designer, Aimee Nemeckay’s, painting and watercolors have been translated into a truly mesmerizing collection of custom, flat weave rugs. Our designers saw the need for sophisticated rugs that make an impact and Sapere Atelier was born. The inspiration for the collection came from our designers’ travels to the Far East. They experienced the rug-making process first hand, met the weavers and saw how fibers are hand dyed up close. After several experiments were conducted, and while working closely with Oscar Tatosian of Oscar Isberian Rugs, Three 50 West debuted this high quality, soft silk rug collection.


Strong flavors and influences of the Far East yield to the exotic in this artisan collection. The large scale rugs give tribute to the beautiful artisan process of hand weaving and hand-dyeing rugs in India and Turkey. Sapere Atelier will delight your senses and have you ready for an exploration abroad.



These inspirational sketches have been translated into the works of art seen below:

sketch collage


Sangli II | Saturated blue and green tones come together in this harmonious pattern to create interest and add an etheral pop of color to a well-traveled space. Sapere Atelier’s large scale, custom, silk blend rugs set a room off and show off the owner’s own sapere.

Sangli II


Marias II | The latest addition to the collection is the Marais rug, which is in saturated tones of blue and a pattern this is a fresh twist on a classic chevron. Saturated tonality of blues lead the way through this jagged and unexpected chevron path. The Marias rug is truly an artwork for the floor and is loyal to the ancient, intricate process of hand weaving.

Marias II detailMarias II


Hagia II Rug | Muted beige, blush and teal tones travel well together on this design journey to luxury living.

HAGIA II RUG_The kind of rugs that show off the owner's own sapere

A neutral color scheme fosters a sense of flow in this front foyer. The Hagia Rug provides texture and interest, taking emphasis off of the original tile floors in this Winnetka home. View more from this design story in Make It Better. 

Hagia Rug1

Hagia Rug3

Arriving means a conclusion of a journey for some, but we’re only getting started. The journey continues… Enjoy the collections.