APORTA Textiles


Drawn to a genuine form of living, local resources and hand craftsman, Three 50 West, is excited to connect you with the moving narrative behind product creation. We’ve developed a new blog series devoted to products of deeper meaning.


Our first spotlight is on a talented artisan who honors the tradition of honest, hard work, Noelle Sharp, and her handmade textiles company, Aporta. One of the most important aspects of Sharp’s designs is they are made well, to last and to be passed down from one generation to the next. Aporta designs are inspired by and drawn to the aesthetic of minimalism found in nature and art. From the start, we were instantly enthralled by Sharp’s creative process.


Aporta—an homage to her grandmother’s family name, is composed of a collection of knits, scarves, reclaimed furs and other woven treasures, produced by hand in the USA. Excellence in craftsmanship and quality of living is what Aporta is all about. Skilled knitter and weaver, Noelle Sharp, handpicks fibers to make sure products are of the highest caliber.  Sharp knows all aspects of the design process, including where and who materials are best made by, establishing wonderful relationships with US and Icelandic farmers and production mills.


We are enthralled by the lifestyle story Sharp is creating in each piece she constructs. All of her products are designed with the story of a traveler that utilized cloth as a means of protection through their journey:

“Aporta is the door. You are encouraged to walk through. No matter where the door takes you, carry your cloth with you. Choose wisely. It will be with you until the end.”


Sharp embodies the hands of an artist down to her Navajo, Danish and Greek symbol finger tattoos, rooted from her interest in shapes/symbols and their deeper meaning. We love the authenticity that goes into every aspect of her creative process.

Third generation artist and Utah native, Noelle Sharp, emphasizes you don’t need 5 of one item.  Better is to buy one of highest quality and have it all your life. To own an Aporta product is to invest in an heirloom piece that can be passed down. Aporta has collaborated with Three 50 West on two distinct lines of custom textiles available both at our stores and online:

Table Runners:

table runners edit

Bulky Knit Throws:

oversized knit throws

JillBucknerPhoto2015-5508w 1200pix



This designer textile, knitwear and accessories company is taking storm and we are Aporta’s biggest fan. Use and surround yourself with exceptional, fine crafted products at Three 50 West.


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